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Here at Optify, we promise to create user-focused experiences that result in happy customers and higher conversion rate for everyone!
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Top-quality services for any business or idea

Transform your website's potential into reality with our tailored user-focused and conversion boosting solutions.
Custom Development Solutions
Building custom, user-friendly websites from scratch, tailored to your business needs and brand identity.
Website Improvements
Upgrading existing websites for better performance, usability, and visual appeal.
Designing Services
Building custom, user-friendly websites from scratch, tailored to your business needs and brand identity.
Professional Evaluation
Expert analysis of your website, providing actionable insights for optimization and enhancement.

Meet the team

Optify is a team of two - a duo aiming to provide our clients with the best results in all fields!
Jokubas Martysius
Founder, Designer & Developer
Web Designer and developer with over 3 years of experience in the field!
Ugne Siugzdinyte
UX / UI Designer & Project Manager
Over 8 years of experience as a UX Designer and Project Manager, working on dozens of projects!

Stories of success from our clients

Don't just take our word for it, there's many clients that have already worked with us!
"Huge thanks to the Optify team for their patience and professionalism in building our product. Practical team and attentive service made the whole process a breeze!"
Tomas Indriunas
"We ❤️ ❤️ our website, and we were amazed at how smoothly we worked together, and how Ugne captured and incorporated exactly what we wanted into the design. We wholeheartedly recommend!"
"I want to thank the Optify team for working so smoothly with us. It was a pleasure to work with experienced people that helped us launch our website from start to finish. Thank you."
Vasiliki Orologa

Frequently asked questions

Everything you may need to know about our services!
What is the process of working with us?
Our process is straightforward but impactful, consisting of the following phases:

• Exploration (understanding the customer and their requirements)
• Information architecture (crafting the layout and pathways of the website)
• Designing converting our collaborative ideas into sketches in Figma)
• Development (applying the designs from Figma using Webflow or equivalent software)
• QA (evaluation and testing)
• Improvements (executing corrections)
How much does it cost?
The investment in your website is tailored to align with your company’s specific needs and objectives. Our pricing begins at GBP 800 for a basic website, a reflection of our commitment to affordability without compromising on quality
How long does it take to build a website?
The timeline for website development varies depending on your company’s requirements, the complexity of the website structure, and our collaborative partnership. In an ideal scenario, it may take approximately 4-6 weeks from inception to a live website. However, drawing from our extensive experience, we have the capability to expedite the process and accomplish it within just a couple of weeks.
Do you provide ongoing support?
Indeed! We prioritise building enduring partnerships with all of our clients and take pride in witnessing our clients’ continued success. When you’re with us, you’ll never experience isolation and we look forward to keep working with you beyond the completion of your project.

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